Cast Iron Cleaning with Electrolysis

My process for cleaning cast iron pans is very similar to that described in the link below.

My variation is as follows.

1. I use dollar store cookie sheets as the anode. They are cheap and disposable. You have to sand the protective surface off of the sheets to expose the steel.

2. Rather than hang the pan in the middle of the tank I use plastic egg crate light cover cut into pieces that fit in the bucket horizontally.

The layers are

Cookie sheet
Light cover
Cast Iron pan
Light cover
Cookie sheet

3. The cookie sheets are wired together with the wire wrapped around a metal screw, screwed directly into the pan to hold the wire tight. One wire to connect the two cookie sheets and one wire from the cookie sheet out to the battery charger.

4. Another wire, wrapped around the handle of the pan, gets enough contact to allow the pan to be completely submerged without getting the battery charger leads dirty.

5. So many web sites talk about leaving the pan submerged for days, but I’ve never left them for more than 4 or 6 hours before giving them a scrub. Maybe I have a stronger charger with more current?

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