Bitcoin Shortcode Plugin

I was looking for a Bitcoin widget to include in a WordPress blog and didn’t like the options that I found. Some were too complicated while others did not work. I liked the look of the widget at but there was no WordPress integration to be found. Now here it is.

This plugin introduces a shortcode labelled [coinwidget] that will insert the widget below into any post/page or other parts of your wordpress theme that support shortcodes.

It is available through the WordPress Plugin Directory and can be installed to your WordPress blog directly in the Dashboard or by downloading it manually. Please see the readme for documentation on installation and usage.

This includes a copy of the current widget downloaded from GitHub repository a branch of the GitHub repository from user alvinhkh and any licenses it includes. It is included unchanged so it should be possible to replace it with newer versions.

Download Here


This is a widget with the minimum amount of information required, just the Bitcoin address, everything else is default.

[coinwidget address="12uaFq9CyGZBoT6nSbVzZ2AjGnZkfRSHoy"]

Here is a widget with all fields defined.

[coinwidget address="12uaFq9CyGZBoT6nSbVzZ2AjGnZkfRSHoy" currency="bitcoin" counter="count" alignment="bl" qrcode="false" auto_show="true" decimals=5 lbl_button="lbl_button test" lbl_address="lbl_address test" lbl_count="lbl_count test" lbl_amount="lbl_amount test" ]


= 2.0 =
* 2014-12-23
* Updated to a branch of the plugin from (commit 4c352afee53879e0e9168bcf3c807cfe16ef9e86).
* Fixes bugs and adds support for Dogecoin.
* Added span container around shortcode to ensure that it is embedded at the correct location on the page with a unique id for each span.

= 1.1 =
* 2014-01-16
* Fix for issue #4 –
* Replaced document.lastChild.firstChild.appendChild(x) with this document.body.appendChild(x)

= 1.0 =
* 2013-12-09
* Initial release