MG2 Hacks

For a while now I have been using the MG2 photo gallery application on

Originally it was because MG2 uses only files for storage and doesn’t use a database. I did not have access to a database system (MySQL) on the host I was using. I also really like the MG2 interface. It is very simple and clean and I really like the look of the “rounded” skin.

I have since made a few minor modifications to MG2 to make it work a bit better for my purposes.

Embedding MG2 in WordPress

The purpose of this document is to describe the process that I used to insert my MG2 (v0.5.1) photo gallery using the default rounded skin into my WordPress (2.0.1) based web site. You can see the final result @ . I started...

EXIF Parser

In order to view the correct ISO speed from my Canon cameras and extract the GPS data in the EXIF header I had to modify the default EXIF parser that comes with MG2. UPDATE - I have updated the script to work better with the Canon Rebel XT digital...

I can be contacted on the MG2 Support Forums at as Poco. Feel free to PM me or leave comments here about anything MG2 related.