Projects I’m Working on

Right around the time I got started with GeoTagging Google also released Google Maps (now Google Local) and later Google Earth. The first time I saw Google Maps and learned about their map API I knew that this was exactly what I wanted for my photos. I immediately began work on my own Google Map.

GPX Viewer
I completed the basics of a Google Maps based photo viewer that is all written Javascript. In fact, it is a GPX file viewer that can show GPS track logs as well as photos and other waypoints.

MG2 Exif Parser
I replaced the default Exif parser in the MG2 Photo Gallery to parse GPS data from the Exif headers and create a Google Maps link for each Photo. It only shows one photo at a time, but it is fully automated if I upload GeoTagged photos to my gallery. See an example here.

My ToDo List

  • Server side code to dynamically generate GPX formatted data from alternate sources for viewing with the GPX Viewer. Like automatically generating an entry from the GPS data tagged in a JPG file on the server.
  • A Google Maps based photograph GeoTagger. A web application that works like the WWMX Location Stamper that saves the data to a server database rather than writing it directly into the JPEG file. This could be a plugin for MG2 or other Photo Gallery application. It should be able to work with or without GPS data
  • A WordPress Plugin based on that parses the blog entries looking for coordinates and maps them with google maps.