Google Calendar Widget

Version 1.3.2 – Removed unused script includes from admin page. Removed version number from Google hosted files to increase collisions.
Version – Added a stand alone example html page showing how to use the plugin without WordPress.
Version 1.3.1 – Fixed an issue with the loading gif not disappearing if there were spaces in the html.
Version 1.3 – Added event title format strings. Remove duplicate entries when showing multiple calendars with the same events.
Version 1.2 – Added support for automatic expansion of entries.
Version 1.1 – Added support for multiple feeds in one widget.

What is it?
This plugin installs a widget for showing a Google Calendar agenda on the sidebar of a WordPress blog.

How do I install it?
It is installed by downloading and unzipping the files into your ‘plugins’ folder of your blog. The zip file contains the correct directory structure.

How do I use it?
Once installed it adds a sidebar widget called “Google Calendar” that may be dragged into your sidebar.

Each widget can be configured with a URL of the calendar feed, a title, and the number of agenda items to show.

The calendar feed is the URL you get when clicking on the XML icon next to “Calendar Address:” in the Google Calendar settings. See the full instructions here.

Note that you must changed the last word from “basic” to “full”.

Example calendar feed…

Download the latest version from here.


Check the FAQ for frequently asked questions.

To report bugs or issues, please post to the support forum for this plugin.

Alternatively, you may post a comment here, but it is easier for other users to see the forum posts and replies, and other forum users may be able to help you with your query there.