Monthly Archives: March 2006

How to embed MG2 in WordPress 3

I have written a tutorial with step by step instructions about how I embedded my MG2 (v0.5.1) gallery into WordPress (v2.0.1). See the gallery in action here See the tutorial here

GPX Viewer Update

The GPX Viewer script now works in Firefox/Mozilla. With some minor changes to the data format and the script code I have been able to get the equivalent functionality working in Mozilla. Version 3 of the script is now available It also allows for the <html> tag to be […]

Update to the MG2 Exif Parser 3

Based on the comment by Catherine I decided to run some more tests on the Canon ISO data that I was extracting from the EXIF Makernotes. I confirmed that the script worked correctly for my S400 (and I assume other similar models). Unfortunately, I discovered that it did not work […]

Google Maps GPX Viewer 2

I have been working on this script for a while, and it isn’t really complete, but I have finally posted it publicly. This is a set of Javascript functions that can parse a GPX file (XML GPS data format) and view it using Google Maps. It shows track logs as […]

GeoTagging Photos

I have just completed some pages describing GeoTagging of photos. I’ve given a basic description of what it means, why I do it, and where I think it is going to go. There are some projects that I have done and plan to do to help me visualize my photos […]