Yearly Archives: 2006

Portrait Pumpkin Carving 10

This is the step by step process that I use to create portrait pumpkins of my family each year. Getting Started First you need good image editing software. I used Photoshop Elements 3.0 to make this tutorial. Any good image editing software should work, such as the free tool Gimp, […]

Picasa 2.5 Geotagging update 2

So I played around with the Google Earth integration in Picasa and it is neat. It is very useful if you don’t have a GPS or GPS data for your photos, but it does not automatically correlate the photos with any sort of GPS information. The best I could do […]

Picasa 2.5 does Geotagging

Picasa 2.5 has recently been released with a few new features. I like the new screen saver that just cycles through your photos (I like the option to view all starred photos). I dislike the prominent placement of the “Save Changes” button that backs up your originals and replaces them […]

Blogger Image Import 1.2 2

I’ve updated the Blogger Image Import plugin with the ability to find images with spaces in the name. I had never noticed before, but any images hosted by blogger with spaces in the name were simply ignored because the %20 in the URL was being excluded from my regular expression. […]

PHP Image Management Library

I’ve been recently thinking about some of my goals for my own family web site and why they are not yet completed. I like the Blog format for sharing my photos as they get context and a story. Sort of like an online slide show, but better. I do have […]