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I’ve updated the Blogger Image Import plugin with the ability to find images with spaces in the name. I had never noticed before, but any images hosted by blogger with spaces in the name were simply ignored because the %20 in the URL was being excluded from my regular expression.

Heather discovered that there was a problem and reported it here. I did some tests and realized that the % character was not being accepted as part of the URL and so any files with space (%20) were being ignored.

After a bit of trial and error I have fixed the plugin so that it correctly copies the files with %20 in their name and puts them on the local server with a space in its place. I have lifted some of the restrictions of the URL matching but it hasn’t caused any problems yet. Please test each import carefully looking for bad conversions and let me know if you find any.

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2 thoughts on “Blogger Image Import 1.2

  • Chris

    Hi Notions!

    Wondering if you could help me with the import tool. I was a casualty of the blogger beta fiasco. I was a long time user who used ftp updating to my own site. All my images for my blogs are already located on my site. I would like to run the plugin on my own site to import the pictures to the correct wp-content folder for my new wordpress install.