GPX Viewer is now hosted by Google Code

I have put the GPX Viewer script (loadgpx.js and some samples) project on Google Code here

The primary reason is to add version tracking to the script code. Now the complete history of the script can be viewed as well as any bug fixes. Google Code uses a SVN repository to track changes and history. You can download the content from Google Code, or checkout the project using an SVN client.

Another reason is issue management (bugs). This will allow issues to be tracked more easily. Right now I have some comments on the blog about bugs in the code, but no formal process for tracking them. I have just recently fixed a couple of issues that have been reported – those changes are now reflected in the SVN repository.

The primary home page of the project will remain for now, but some new documentation may appear on Google Code. This will save me from installing my own wiki and defect tracking system and SVN server to host my projects.

Other projects on Notions may become Google Code projects in the future, but there is a limit to the number of projects that one can create. This will likely rely on the amount of effort I’m willing to put into the project. GPX Viewer had some issues that I wanted to address and I thought that I should move it into a source control system before I did.

Feel free to visit and download the latest version in the trunk. I have not published the latest version with the latest fixes, so it is slighly more up to date than the one hosted here. It contains an example that will run on a local PC web server as-is. I will publish a new version soon.

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