WTF Translink? 3

Report the suspicious, not the strange?



I am posting this from the train station where I took this photo. Translink and the RCMP have been running a set of ads recently where they show silly situations that do not need to be reported to the police. However, for the most part, the “real” situations have been pretty criminal. Seriously? Taking photographs is now a suspicious behaviour?

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3 thoughts on “WTF Translink?

  • h3

    If you think that’s crazy, that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

    – In the UK, they seem to work restlessly to make George Orwell’s novel a reality with their surveillance state
    – In Australia the Internet is now monitored and filtered
    – In the US they can now put any “suspects” in prisons without any evidences nor charges whatsoever for “indefinite” time

    Two years ago this kind of terrorism witch hunt attitude shocked photographs in USA, now it’s a reality and our country happily jumped the band wagon.

    They will push to implement similar policies gradually here, with or without our consent and before we know it we will be living in a police state where the telecommunications are filtered and tapped, where dissent equate terrorism and terrorism equate lost of all rights.

    Think I’m crazy ? Start reading world news.

  • Roddy

    Hey, that is terrible, and amazing, I live in Vancouver, and I would love to get a picture of this sign, can you post what station you found it in?