Blogger Image Import Update 7

The Blogger Image Import WordPress plugin that I wrote some time ago is getting a bit old and has some issues with the newer blogger structure.

People have continued to use this plugin, and some have even made suggestions on how to fix it in the comments of that page.

I have collected some of that information here if anyone is still interested in using this plugin. I do not have time to update the plugin, but I am happy to include fixes that others have made to it.

There are two main issues that I know of now.

  1. The domain on which the images are hosted is not constant. It has changed over time from to
  2. The links to the full size images are actually links to html pages that contain the image

Some commenters have pointed out some solutions. Those are

  1. Run the script once with the image server domain set to and again with it set to Ultimately, it would be best if the script were updated to support both, or possibly any other domain as there is no reason to restrict it to just those two, but then it might import images that were intended to be linked.
  2. If the name of the image contains “s1600-h” remove the “-h” and convert it to “s1600” when importing. It seems that Blogger is currently storing the images at those locations.

Here is a link to a version of the script that was sent to me by JT and described on the comment page

I have not tested it, so use it at your own risk, but it looks good and shows the changes that were made to the original. Look for “MODIFIED:” comments in the script for a description of the changes.

I welcome any updates that people make to improve the script. If you find any issues, or fix the existing issues better, please let me know and send a copy of your fixes so we can share them with others.

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7 thoughts on “Blogger Image Import Update

  • Ben Wood

    I just ran this on a few images with the lates (2.9.2) version of WordPress. It seems to be moving the images over, however the new URLs are coming through as “” rather than “”

    I don’t know enough PHP to hack the script but it seems like it should be something pretty simple. Hope someone can troubleshoot the issue so the script remains useful. Anyone else seeing this?

  • Rune

    I see the same issue. Even though they end up under /blogger/ all posts are still referring to 🙁

  • Spencer

    I used this plugin today for a client, it’s a pretty good start. I made a couple of modifications to handle non-standard upload directories and loosened up the regex a bit to grab more images.

    Ultimately, it missed about 10% of the images with about 1% of that being images wrapped in links that weren’t the image itself.

    I’ll probably make a few more modifications to it to handle multiple image types. (It originally only handled jpg and I had gif and png files as well. I just did a quick search/replace and uploaded it again to deal with the other types for now.)

    Is this plugin on Who manages the plugin, eventually the modifications I’m making could be useful to other people.

  • Milan

    Try Cache Images which adds images from any domain (including all Blogger’s domains much smarter than Blogger Image Import) to WordPress media library and default upload directory.

    If you have any issues with it or have questions/requests, feel free to send them to me.