Yearly Archives: 2009

Blogger Image Import Update 7

The Blogger Image Import WordPress plugin that I wrote some time ago is getting a bit old and has some issues with the newer blogger structure. People have continued to use this plugin, and some have even made suggestions on how to fix it in the comments of that page. […]


CSLua is a pure C# library for interfacing to the Lua 5.1 Windows DLL. It supports the core Lua API and includes a C# class wrapper for binding C# objects from Lua script. I have posted a page for CSLua at the link below. This includes the full Visual Studio […]

WTF Translink? 3

Report the suspicious, not the strange? I am posting this from the train station where I took this photo. Translink and the RCMP have been running a set of ads recently where they show silly situations that do not need to be reported to the police. However, for the most […]

Calling JavaScript in a WebBrowser control from C# 26

Embedding a WebBrowser control in a C# application is very easy to do.  Simply drag and drop one in the Form editor.  So what can you do with it besides writing your own web browser? I wanted to load my own HTML page and call JavaScript functions within it and […]

Geotagger pre-Alpha

Geotagger pre-Alpha is released. I’ve been working on this little tool for geotagging photographs on my long commute. It is an open source C# application that uses Google Maps to geotag JPEG files from GPX GPS data. It was built partly as an exercise in using C#, but mostly […]