Blogger Image Import 2.1

Based on some new issues brought up by Morgan, I have simplified the regex for finding images (and I think removed a bug) and added “jpeg” to the list of valid image extensions.

Blogger Image Import Version 2.0

Blogger Image Import has finally been updated after years of neglect. Sailorcurt convinced me to apply all of the user fixes to the plugin and get it working again. I have also applied a few changes of my own to support multiple configurable host domains and image formats. In theory […]

Logic Gate Simulator 2

Update: I have put this project on Google Code including source code. It can be found at Update Update:Since Google is deprecating Google Code I have migrated the project over to github. It can now be found at I recently resurrected a C# project I was working on […]

1 Bit Counter

Google Calendar Widget 1.3.1

I fixed an issue reported here where the loading gif was not disappearing. 1.3.1 Fixed problem where spaces around the loading GIF caused it to not stop when the calendar loads There were also a few changes in 1.3 since the last post. 1.3 Remove duplicate events when showing multiple […]

WordPress Blog Search Engine Optimization

I have recently noticed that a lot of the relevant search queries that reference this site find things like the categories and archives instead of the specific posts that contains the relevant content. It makes the search results look dirty and disorganized and means that there is duplicate content in […]